Job Opening at Syngene Pharmaceutical on 25th August 2019 apply now

Job Opening at Syngene Pharmaceutical on 25th August 2019 apply now

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Syngene Putting Science to Work 
 Recruitment Drive for Discovery Chemistry on 25th August 2019 @ Ahmedabad 

■ M.Sc. Chemistry 
■ 4-10 years of experience 

Job Description 

■ Perform synthetic chemistry reactions
■ Purification of compounds by manual/automated column chromatography or re-crystallization techniques 
■ Submit the samples generated during the course of synthesis for analysis and record results 
■ Record observations of experiments, results, utilization of resources and other activities related to the reaction in the laboratory or e-notebook in a timely manner 
■ Responsible for ensuring that instrument/equipment are calibrated, undergone preventive maintenance and kept clean before use 
■ Should have understanding of the MSDS of the chemicals being handled and awareness of emergency response procedures in case of accidental spillage, leakage or fire and responsible for proper waste segregation as per EHS norms 

Note : Candidates who have attended interview for the same team in last 6 months will not be eligible to apply 

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For more details please write to 
Fortune Landmark Hotel Ashram Road, Shanti Nagar, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013